Meet the Student Callers: Nora Rabah

Name: Nora Rabah
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Major: Biology and Society

Why is the Annual Fund important to me?: Cornell is one of the largest undergraduate universities. It is so important not to get lost in the sea of students here—one of my ways for staying above water is the Cornell Annual Fund. It has not only provided ample opportunities for me to speak to the amazing alumni of Cornell, but has also provided me a community of supportive and collaborative friends. Some of my closest friends work at CAF, and the positive atmosphere always keeps me in the best mindset to make the most out of my calls to the alumni. The connections to the people I’ve made just by sitting next to them on shift is astounding. I’ve learned more about Cornell than I ever would have known, I’ve spoken to alumni that told me about the amazing changes Cornell underwent in the past 40 years, and I’ve gained access to numerous resources that I would have otherwise neglected.

My favorite call was: I have always been so adamant about planning out my future, especially when it comes to academics. I knew I wanted to study Biology and the effects science has on public health, but I knew nothing about possible paths. Until one night, I had a great call with an alum who listened to my academic goals and offered her advice on what I can do to be successful and continue to optimize healthcare. She suggested I look into a specific graduate program to get a Masters of Health Administration, and that I should think about Medical Consulting or Management. After shift, I looked into her suggestions and immediately felt like I was in the right path towards my career. Next year, I am applying to that graduate program.

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