Winding Down

Senior Week ends today. Parents arrive today. Graduation is two days away. My second to last tour (possibly my last) finished half an hour ago. It’s coming closer to a close. I don’t think it will hit until I make my way down to North Carolina to start Teach for America training, but the anxiety and nostalgia and bittersweet goodbyes have arrived.

Senior Week created an interesting orientation in terms of biological clock. No classes. No homework. Champagne brunch at 12pm Monday. Paintball at 2pm Tuesday. Carnival night. Casino night. Dinosaur BBQ night. Picking up the cap and gown. Looking at the maroon colored tassel for the College of Human Ecology. Finally hiking to Toughannock Falls. Attempting to see the Gettysburg Address in Kroch Library. Playing Jeopardy with friends. Trivia at Ruloffs. Star Trek Movie. So You Think You Can Dance premiere. NBA basketball. It goes on and on.

Penultimate blog. Finished. Cornell career. Almost. Having spell check tell me every sentence in this blog are fragments, annoying. No they’re not, they’re all complete thoughts.

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