A Random Thought

My mom reads my blog and I’ve never had to censor anything from her. This entry, however, I think needs some discreteness.

I couldn’t help myself from wondering about it out loud though. It’s just that every Wednesday this place has this special at night called Fishbowls. You and a group of friends literally order a fishbowl (the plastic kind you get in a pet store to put your goldfish or tetra in). The server fills it with 3/4 ice, half blue or red cool-aid, and the rest with this clear liquid-like water substance. Then he/she stuffs in a big plastic animal. You get to keep the animal and when you collect 18, you get a free fishbowl. It’s quite the marketing strategy.

Where the befuddlement comes in is that if you were to look on the counter in my apartment, you’d see a t-rex, elephant, and lion. Last night, my friend got a zebra. Where are the aquatic animals? The dolphin, whale, manatee, any other marine life. It can’t be that hard; just find a plastic Nemo or Squirt and throw it in the fishbowl. I just don’t see how the safari/Jurassic theme fits with the fishbowl, blue/red cool-aid vibe.

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