He’s on Jeopardy!

It’s college week on Jeopardy. Seeing college peers answer questions that entertainingly challenge my college level brain are enjoyable to watch. Having contestants from rival colleges compete against each other is fun too. Watching the episode while simultaneously playing with my friends and keeping score is even better…and slightly nerdy. Slightly. But getting a facebook invite from my middle school friend to watch Tuesday night’s Jeopardy episode because he is making an appearance as a contestant sent me through the roof in excitement! Watching him beat the competition to the point where final jeopardy became irrelevant…not surprising.

It wasn’t too long ago when he was the one welcoming me to a new middle school by being my “buddy” (a classmate who made sure I was learning the ropes and meeting new people). We soon became good friends seeing we both loved sports and were both half Asian. He was actually the first half Asian person I met, besides my sister. It wasn’t too long ago when I met his sister, then in fourth grade and now a freshman at Cornell, who claimed both our mothers were long lost sisters. It wasn’t long ago when he took me to the Yankees game against Cleveland and where we saw the Yankees lose 10-9 only after scoring eight runs in the bottom of the ninth. It wasn’t too long ago when he used to play me in chess, let me hang around for a while, then beat me. This toying with my competitive nature happened consistently. It’s not too long ago that we both graduated from middle school, went to separate high schools, ran in the same cross country meet one time, and went off to different colleges. So it was enjoyable in many ways to see him on Jeopardy be the one schooling the other contestants because myself and all his other friends knew he’d be the one to do that since it wasn’t too long ago when we were in the same 7th grade algebra class and I was struggling with the distributive property while he was receiving special problems from the teacher (Ms. Fries) to complete for homework and not doing them at home, but finishing them at school the next day while some of us looked on in amazement. That’s the Scott Menke I remember, and that’s the Scott Menke I saw last night on Jeopardy. Well done Scott!

2 thoughts on “He’s on Jeopardy!”

  1. Alex,
    Fun isn’t it, seeing a friend do what might surprise others, but not you. It’s a warm fuzzy.
    Two stories:
    1. A high-school friend had to cheat to get out of eighth grade, because he was left handed and unable to pass the penmanship exam that was required for exit, at least by the Buffalo schools. The teacher called him and a quiet little girl in after school one day, had the girl copy a paragraph and Ray sign the result. Ray turned down a Cornell scholarship, went to Syracuse in Political Science and on through Harvard Law school.He still can’t write worth a flip.
    2. In the late 50’s one of the networks carried a “College Bowl” in which a team of 4 undergrads competed against another school, in answering questions covering the Arts and Sciences. The winning team returned the next week. The Purdue team included a husband/wife pair from the Engineering Science Department where I was doing grad work. They had won 3 in a row when they encountered a team from Cornell. My loyalties were split. Cornell won on what seemed like a sub par performance by the Purdue group. Probably it was, as Cornell was beaten badly the next week. (Actually the Jeparody format is probably more interesting, even when you don’t have a dog in the fight, as the number of questions asked is far greater and the time allowed to formulate an answer much shorter.)

  2. And apparently I have just proven that one need not be able to spell at the eighth-grade level to be graduated from Cornell.

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