Oh the Poetry!

The entire summer going into senior year was dedicated to doing anything I could to help get Barack Obama elected President of the United States. It was also a time in which I spent many hours in front of the tv watching Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, and the crying Brit Hume (though that was on election night). During these countless hours following the campaign and the many weeks volunteering for Obama’s campaign the name and the man David Plouffe kept appearing, whether it be in emails I received, on television/radio interviews, over the cell phone one time.

I always knew him for his genius, original, and out-of-the-box strategy of how to conduct a political campaign. Well, that, and for his reputation of having a sailor’s mouth when not on camera. I was obsessed with how he devised his strategy of winning the Democratic primary and how he gelled so well with Barack Obama’s pragmatic idealism. Therefore, it could not have been more exciting to be notified via email that he will be the convocation speaker for the Cornell Class of 2009! How fitting! My last day (well technically second to last, since convocation is held the night before graduation) will be used listening to the campaign manager that transformed how political campaigns are run! Forget the movement that Obama created. Plouffe erased the entire political strategy book and wrote a new one over the course of a year and a half. Like what Herb Brooks did to the USSR in the 1980 Olympic Games, Plouffe took the Republican’s game, gave it a face lift and put it on steroids, then threw it right back in their face. He used math, spreadsheets, formulas, and didn’t forget the human intuition to help bring Change into the White House. Oh baby, am I excited to hear him speak!