I’m Certified!

All those who are teachers or have family members who are teachers know that if you want to teach at a public school you need to past the PRAXIS test. Another one of those stupid tests created by the ETS.

In order to teach high school/middle school social studies in North Carolina I needed a 320 combined score on the Social Studies Content Knowledge and Social Studies Pedagogy tests. Well $280, countless hours of studying, another hour waiting for the test to begin, and an additional three actually taking the test later, I passed (with a score of 350)! In fact, yours truly is so knowledgeable about social studies that an ETS certification of excellence was given to me for such a high score. Too bad it doesn’t count the same as being on the dean’s list. As for pedagogy, not so hot, but still enough to pass. My score was equivalent to the bottom half of the national average. So better than at least 30% of test takers. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’ll only be better than 30% of all teachers. I’ll just focus on the good part…I passed!