A Kind Word from Mike Huckabee

Cornell alum Ann Coulter made an appearance on Mike Huckabee’s show this past month. The topic of Cornell came up, and Mike Huckabee used his experience in Ithaca to give some praise to the university. Cornell was one of the most respectful audiences he had given a speech at is the rough paraphrase of his quote. I think that feeling, coming from Mike Huckabee, speaks a lot about Cornell’s ability to hear and understand the other’s side despite the bastion of liberalism that is this university. The fact that Mike Huckabee is one of the more moderate Christian conservatives, helped his likability no doubt.

So to all the conservatives thinking of applying to Cornell, Mike Huckabee came to Ithaca, survived Ithaca, and enjoyed surviving Ithaca. If Huckabee can do it, so can you.