Post Super Bowl Office

It would be hard to find a funnier episode of the Office than the one that aired after the Super Bowl last night, “Stress Relief”. The fully developed story lines, the one liners, and the extreme hilarity paralleled with serious, compassionate events made this episode one to remember. Lines like Andy’s, “The fire! It’s shooting at us,” or Pam’s, “If it were an iPod it would be a Shuffle” are etched into my memory as solidly as Santonio Holmes’ game winning catch (don’t fall into the hype, this super bowl was not as good as last years, sloppier play and an insane number of penalties as two reasons being why), but one line, one of little more obscurity is very relatable and relevant to Cornell students.

Michael comes in after taking a “personnel” (read personal) day. He finally gains his composure to roast his fellow colleagues, and when it comes Andy’s turn he announces, “Hey Andy, Cornell called and they said you suck! Bam roasted.” It’s incredibly funny, just as funny as any other of Michael Scott’s roast remarks during that scene, but whether the writers knew it or not, they took a cheer (better word would be insult) from the Lynah Faithful’s repertoire implemented during hockey games. It goes as follows, one person shouts “Hey Sieve, your mom called and she said…” then everyone yells “…you suck!” This is one in a series of you suck chants (sieve refers to the goalie, in all honesty I didn’t know what a sieve was until I got to Cornell), so the next one could be (if we were playing Brown), “Hey sieve, the state of Rhode Island called and they said…you suck!” It gets more creative as the person goes down in the series, and they’re not all set, so different teams warrant different “you suck” phrases and if a different person does it at two different games, it’s more than likely the chants will be different. Regardless, Michael Scott is more than welcome to join the Lynah Faithful to cheer on our hockey team! He showed his worth last night by insulting Cornell’s own, Andy Bernard.