Using $750 Big Red Bucks is Harder than I Thought

Friday, which brings along with it the start of fall break, marks the half way point of the fall semester. This also marks my senior year being a quarter over 🙁 (someone please stop time). Upon this half way mark I have come to realize that I can spend more generously with my meal plan. I am used to having about 14 meals per week and $500 big red bucks to use for the semester. Now that I’m in collegetown, however, I’ve compensated and purchased a much cheaper meal plan, 10 meals per semester and $750 big red bucks. I have about 5 meals left and $470 big red bucks. This means that starting on Wednesday (when classes re-convene) I will be leisurely spending my lunch money at the wonderful eateries like Synapsis as opposed to meticulously calculating how much I can spend per day without going bankrupt.

In the bigger picture, this translates to more Beef & Brie sandwiches at Martha’s, pasta bakes and flatbread pizzas at Synapsis, Asian noodle bowls at Trillium, chicken fingers at the Terrace, and hummus and pretzels at Trillium. Food without a budget, what a wonderful concept!