A Night in Mann

It’s midnight and I’m finishing up my take home pre-lim/essay for a government course called American Political Theory. This is only the second time I’ve been in a library this late. I know it’s Cornell and it’s billed as a common experience to pull all nighters (which I have not done) or stay up until 3am studying (which I have not done), but if you organize your time, even the busy student won’t have to spend a night that lasts much later than this one. Technically, if I didn’t watch Heroes at 9, I would’ve been done by now. So prospective high school students, don’t fear the late nights…unless you’re a procrastinator.

Now the end result of this hard work is another story. I feel like I wrote a paper that’s an A, A- at least. But if my experience with graded assignments provides me with any indication of how I will do, I’d go with a B. There’s a reason why it’s called Cornell: Where your best hasn’t been good enough since 1867. Well the actual saying is 1865, but this fine place didn’t open its doors until 1867 so mine is more historically accurate, and in Hollywood that’s what counts…politics is a different story (Sarah “my husband wants Alaska to secede from the union so I’ll just go on calling Obama unpatriotic” Palin).

PS: There’s this t-shirt being sold in Ithaca that says on the front “Palin is gorges” and on the back “and not much else”. Really funny. Hilarious in fact.