Bill Maher in Real Time at Cornell

He garnered some attention with his comments about Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary. Tonight, Cornell alum Bill Maher brought that comedy to The Hill in Ithaca.

Chastising Republicans (and Sarah Palin), religion, values voters (and Sarah Palin), movie sex (not sex in general), and Sarah Palin was common throughout the night. Asking McCain supporters to identify themselves by cheering and then chastising their candidate’s, well, lack of appeal in everything was prevalent. This same principle was implemented with us religious people in the audience by asking those who thought Noah’s ark actually occurred to clap (I did not because I don’t, but the guy next to me did). The following 10 minutes was then dedicated to Maher’s view on the absurdity of religion. Despite my strong devotion to the Catholic faith (DYK: Maher was raised Catholic), I couldn’t keep myself from laughing a couple times. It’s all right to poke fun at yourself, and in some cases I couldn’t agree with him more. I did feel bad for the person sitting next to me, the one who clapped for Noah’s Ark, so I refrained from laughing/clapping several times during the religious diatribe so as not to offend him. Though thinking about that now, it’s kind of ironic since the whole night was dedicated to offending people lacking Bill Maher’s views.

The Culture War was on display tonight, one-sided though it was. The college educated liberals voicing their side of the argument, in a hysterical way.