Life in Collegetown

Now that my life on the Obama campaign has been exhausted I guess it’s back to talking about Cornell, which is what I’m supposed to do anyway. 

For the first three years my home at Cornell has been in a dorm. Looking back it’s been a good decision, fewer responsibilities in terms of trash/recycling, food, rent, distance of walking, bills, ease of access to a wide range of friends, others to clean up for you, etc. This year, as a senior, I figured why not follow the crowd and, as 90% of seniors choose to do, live in collegetown. Good decision as well, just a different lifestyle and one that needed adjusting to. There’s more freedom, a feel of ownership over something (your apartment/house), and a convenient location “next to it all.”

Living in collegetown balances the requiements of daily needs like cooking dinner with the responsibilities of a college student (homework, extracurriculars) and the fun of businesses geared towards college students to give a nice balance and a hint of what part of living on your own in the real world feels like. Just right now, you’re on training wheels because, well, you’re at college. Can you get in more of a bubble?