July 23

For the last week I’ve been assigned to create a slide show on Obama’s rural policies, the critiques of them, and how they contrast with John McCain’s rural policies. I enjoy this kind of policy analysis (seeing that it’s also my major) so I find it very relaxing that this is my assignment for the last week. I’m almost done. I’m just working on finding the distribution of funds to each county in Ohio that was given to the state under the Secure Rural Schools Act. The slide show will be given to the regional field director (I’m in region 4) who is in control of 11 counties, all of which are in southeast Ohio. The presentation will be used for future field organizers who will be assigned to the future and any volunteers or voters who want/need to learn more about Obama’s rural policies.

We also started the process of moving into our permanent office today!!!! Finally, after five and a half weeks we now have an office. The official opening ceremony will be on Sunday (the day I leave). The irony makes me chuckle. Oh, and Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, will stop by to give a speech. Once again, I chuckle. At least I get to see what the office looks like.