Terry Anderson (again) and Zack Space

July 19

This morning we canvassed in Nelsonville, OH for Senator Obama as well as Zack Space who is the Congressional representative of the 18th district, which encompasses almost the entire eastern Ohio border. Canvassing involves walking door to door (like a salesman) asking who people are thinking of voting for and if there were any issues or questions they had about a candidate. It’s a pretty effective strategy. When people are home they almost always answer the door and rarely refuse to answer your questions. It’s getting them at home that’s the hard part…also not drenching in sweat when it’s 92 degrees outside. For our efforts we received a thank you from Rep. Space, just another notch in my belt of shout outs I’ve received (woohoo!).


In the evening we made another outing to Terry Anderson’s house (the reporter who was kidnapped in Beirut). Free dinner, can’t turn that down. It was the only time so far that we’ve been able to relax on the campaign. The three of us went swimming in the pool, ate food, and took a nap on the couches. Very relaxing and refreshing. Fired up and ready to go for the final week of the fellowship!