A Little too Low

I’ve been writing for the past week about the experiences I came across in southeast Ohio while volunteering for the Obama campaign during my summer vacation. That’ll continue with the next post, but tonight I’m watching the Republican National Convention and listening to the jabs being thrown by Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, and can’t stand much more. Attacking your opponent is part of politics, it works, it will always be that way. Attempts to take the high road are lauded by some but appear too weak to most. I understand that. Attacking energizes the base, but what Giuliani said and what Palin is saying, some of it goes too far.

To both Palin and Giuliani: Why are you insulting someone for being a community organizer? For all your praises about faith based initiatives, why are you insulting someone for dedicating part of his life after college to do exactly what you preach? What makes it better to be mayor of a city than to be an organizer for a beaten-down oppressed community? Since when is it all right to make fun of a person who helped thousands of victimized citizens find their voice? Why is this bad? Why is registering thousands of people to vote so they can speak out against steel mill closings and fight for what they lost bad? Why do you mock Obama for being a community organizer?

Palin: Saying Obama hasn’t done one thing while he was in the senate (state or national) while flat out wrong in the first place (welfare reform, energy and nuclear policy at that, ethics reform while he was in Illinois, and ethics and nuclear proliferation policy while in the US Senate) doesn’t do you service when Biden calls you out on this misinformation during the VP debate. You also need to clear up your whole “I’m against earmark spending” stance. Something about hiring lobbyists to obtain $47 million or some other insane amount for a town of 6,700 people is clouding my understanding. What exactly about earmark spending are you against?

Giuliani: It’s borderline comical that you’re the one saying “the other side” is asking if Palin can take care of her children while being VP, that this question is never raised towards men. You’re the spokesperson for advocating the equal respect and treatment of women when you cheat on your wives (emphasis on plural) and half of your kids don’t like you? You’re the one labeling Obama as cosmopolitan when you were mayor of NYC? Listen to yourself.

Attacking Obama understandable, it’s part of politics, but why chastise him for being a community organizer? Do you feel proud of yourselves?

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