Relaxing Before Working to Death

June 22

Sunday was probably the easiest day that us fellows will have in Athens, Ohio. Our day started at 11, which gave me the privilege of going to the later Sunday morning mass. I’m writing this at 9:20pm and I was free to leave for the night two hours ago. That means we worked an 8 hour day. Our shortest yet. I thought of doing the laundry with the spare time I was handed, but I decided to put it off for at most 1 more week since I’d be paying $1 a load or $3 total, and every penny is key (speaking of that I found a dime on the sidewalk today…that’s 12 minutes of metered parking). Maybe by then I’ll actually have a family to live with so I can piggy back off of them and use their washer and dryer. Aside from relishing from the short 8 hours I worked on Sunday, my day wasn’t so successful. I managed to register 0 potential Obama voters. Of course my car not starting didn’t help. Hopefully the volunteer that I recruited had more success. I’ll say this though, my day would’ve been pretty bad had it not been for the great people I’m working with. The work I’m doing is rewarding, and at any moment I can tell any of my friends that my boss is better than theirs (even the one who works for Tom Coughlin’s son), but the days are long and I’ve never encountered so much hostility/failure/open racism(it’s pretty prevalent) so it’s great to meet nice friends and cherish that 1 in a million person that I come across who has just as much enthusiasm for Obama as I do or the other that says that he’s been a Republican for life, but is voting for Obama this election. A comment like that keeps you going.

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