Ending the Day Early

June 21

We got a new Regional Field Director, Joe Boswell (Dartmouth grad…reminds me of the episode where Andy Bernard meets the Dartmouth grad for golf), and he is great, all the attributes of a great leader. So it should be fun to work with him for as how long as he will be with us. Some of us might be moving to other south east regions in Ohio. I really hope it’s not myself since breaking up this group that has become so close would kind of suck. We still don’t have an office, which means we’re continuing to work out of the back of a coffee shop who’s owner is an Obama supporter. This is good since he gave us two $75 gift certificates and will continue to give us more. That means I get free breakfast. Anything free at this point makes my day. My financial situation is extremely tight at the least. I got a parking ticket yesterday for parking in a loading zone. What makes the feeling worse is that I already paid $1 to park in that spot for 2 hours. I didn’t see the red sign underneath the meter that said “loading zone Monday-Friday 9-5pm”. That pivotal mistake cost me $30. That’s 3 days of food or ½ of a tank of gas. I haven’t figured out which I should sacrifice first.

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