Slope Day the Third

I had originally planned on using a column about athletic director Andrew Noel’s destructive actions towards Cornell hockey fans that was published in the Cornell Daily Sun as the basis for this post, but taking into that it’s slope day (the last day of classes) I figured now would be a good time for a more light hearted post. AD Noel’s authoritative rule against Cornell hockey fans can be discussed next semester as the hockey season roles around seeing that nothing is going to change.

Last night was the 16th annual Cornell Hangover’s Happy Hour which is a concert put on by one of Cornell’s a capella groups, the Hangovers. It’s consistently a great, entertaining performance. What was interesting this time around, however, was not the fun-filled, quality atmosphere that they brought to the stage, but the guest appearance made by another student group during intermission – Yamatai Japanese Drum Team. The team plays the art of taiko, a form of traditional Japanese drumming.

Their performance was so united, emotional, and jaw-dropping that the entire crowd gave a standing ovation. The point that needs to come across though is not their ridiculously sick performance, but the fact that at an a capella concert a Japanese drum team can be invited to perform and bring the house down…speaks for diversity. Similarly at Pao Bhangra, Absolute Zero (Cornell’s break dancing team) was just as much a hit as the headliner group. This just goes to show that when you pay for one concert you’re never going to get just one group from one social construct.