Two Satirical Quotes from the Satirical Kings

While tonight’s Pennsylvanian primary might be a trying time for the Obama and Clinton campaigns, it seems to be a good time to lighten the mood a little with two funny political quotes from the two best political comedians.

“Sir I can tell you what the real concern is. If you [Sen. Obama] are fortunate enough to get the democratic nomination and fortunate enough to become president of the United States, will you pull a bait-and-switch sir and enslave the white race?”     — Jon Stewart while interviewing Barack Obama

Obama’s response: That’s not our plan Jon, but your paranoia might make you suitable as a debate moderator.


“Have you ever heard of the dribble down economic theory? We give everything to the super rich, they gobble everything up, and then some of it trickles down into their beard and the poor get to climb up their chest and suck the nutrition of what’s left over in the rich guy’s beard. Is that too complicated for you?”     –Stephen Colbert’s take on supply side economics while interviewing Senator Bernard Sanders.*

*Sen. Sanders is one of two independent senators and considers himself a socialist. He caucuses with the Democrats.