The Sport with a Horse

This post is long overdue. Our polo team came second in the nation at the NCAA tournament with a 20-10 loss to Texas A&M.  Just think of them as the Memphis Tigers of college polo. Of all the sports I know, which include cricket, rugby, and squash, polo is not one of them. All I know is that their national sports emblem should be the Ralph Lauren logo, similar to how Jerry West is the silhouette for the NBA.

Nonetheless, my point is that even though you don’t see Cornell on the national football stage and the only appearances the nation sees of Cornell is when our men’s basketball team lost to Stanford by 25+ points and women’s lost to Connecticut by 30+ points since hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling aren’t as highly televised as the big two (football and basketball) we’re dominant in many sports. When I was looking at colleges, I took each institution’s “athletic atmosphere” into consideration. During that time Cornell ranked at the bottom of my list as did every other Ivy I was applying to because of the figurative blinders that were covering my eyes. Now that I’ve been here for three years I appreciate the presence of Cornell sports whether it be both basketball teams making it to the tournament or a polo team that I’ve never seen because they play off campus ranking second in the nation. Don’t make the same mistake I did, we might lose to Michigan in football, but we’ll beat them in lacrosse as well as several other sports…including hockey (though not this year).