Farewell John Edwards

A salute goes out to the former North Carolina senator who made sure Americans knew that there was a great divide between the rich and poor and something needed to be done about it. After being a fan of his since the 2004 presidential primaries it’s disappointing to see him leave (and probably not come back), but admittedly it’s about time.

Now it’s down to a two candidate race. Let the fun begin.
Will we see a DNC convention like the one during the last season of the West Wing? I sure hope so.

Adjusting to Cornell

After spending a whole semester in DC, coming back to Ithaca is a CHANGE. It’s not the city-middle-of-nowhere change, it’s the I haven’t been here for a whole nine months change. As a result, I’ve been walking around campus acting like it’s the first day back from summer break, taking in the completed construction projects and observing the new ones (construction never ends, it’s like the Twilight Zone), walking into new classrooms, being excited to eat at the different cafe’s and dining halls that I haven’t frequented in a very long time, etc.

The problem is everyone else walks around like it’s the first day back from winter break, annoyance on their faces that the 5 weeks vacation wasn’t long enough, exasperation of the cold weather, disbelief that construction never ends, exhaustion from a busy rush week etc.

These different attitudes result in me looking like a freshman, well not even, more like a pre-frosh since even the freshmen have found their way around Cornell. I still press 5 in the elevator though I now live on the fourth floor. I’ve forgotten the quickest way to get to Collegetown, and worst of all, my RA thinks I’m a transfer student.

Eventually…hopefully…things will change. Except for the construction, that will never change.

The Weather Outside is Frightful but the Giants are so Delightful

And off to the Super Bowl we go!! I’m technically not supposed to talk about the Giants since this is a Cornell blog, and I’ve already exhausted the Kevin Boothe-Cornell-Giants connection. Have no fear however; I’ve come up with a different one.

Since classes began the Monday following the Giants win (that’s right, classes began on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), it was an unwritten requirement that I had to be at Cornell the Sunday the Giants won so as to get my “stuff” in order: books, moving in to my single, etc. As a result, I watched the Giants win in my dorm room. How was I able to watch the Giants win in my room you ask? Well I subscribed to CUTV, which broadcasts cable channels, including the one that showed the Giants victory, using Cornell’s ethernet “system”.

So all any Cornell student has to do to watch great teams like the Giants overcome the Packers at Lambeau is subscribe to CUTV, or watch the Giants win on someone else’s tv, or watch the wonderful team from New Jersey beat the Packers in a common room in one of the several student community center buildings or residential halls, all of which are hooked up to CUTV. Whatever the case is, anyone at Cornell can watch the Giants win.

Back from Winter Strike (um I meant break)

After a month-long hiatus of writing Cornell blogs, I am back. Us bloggers were not on strike, but merely on winter break and none of us grew a solidarity beard…I don’t think. Staying on the topic of the writer’s strike, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both came back on-air last week. Stewart’s first show was about the labor bargaining (or lack there of) going on between the producers and writers. So it’s no surprise that for his first guest, he had a professor from Cornell’s Industrial and Labor Relations School, which educates students on how to deal with strikes like this one. Several bits of terminology were thrown around, none of which stuck in my mind. All I know is that I can’t watch Heroes, The Office, House, 24, Pushing Daisies, and CSI and Friday Night Lights only have a handfull of shows left after which I’ll be relegated to watching American Gladiators and Deal or No Deal :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. 

At least Lost is coming back. Will that be a good thing?