A Weekend Without Homework (The First and the Last)

This past weekend was an exception from the ordinary. For two-and-a-half days I enjoyed a weekend without any homework (finished the relatively little I had on Thursday night).

I took this opportunity to relax by going out for brunch on Saturday morning at a Korean restaurant called Mandu with a couple of friends and a Chinese teacher who lives at the Cornell Center. The food was delicious and, according to the two Korean friends who came, pretty authentic. Myself, being only half-Korean, can’t discern between authentic and in-authentic Korean food. Nonetheless, I ordered their brunch special, which consisted of a bowl of fruit, scallion potato pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, a Korean omelet, slices of sirloin steak (similar to bul-go-gi), and vegetable sushi rolls, which had a more authentic name that is escaping me at this moment. This delicious platter lent itself well to an entertaining hour plus-long discussion, after which we went grocery shopping, and then to see a movie, Michael Clayton.

The rest of the day was dedicated to college football and witnessing Michigan stay in the hunt for the Big Ten title. Sunday, I need only mention one word – Giants.