A Rundown of the Weekend

In homage to Cornell alum, Keith Olbermann and his show Countdown (MSNBC 8pm) here is the rundown of my weekend news.

3. To start it off lightly and with no relation to Cornell (except that alum Calvin Boothe is on the Giants practice squad), the Giants, with their 31-10 trouncing of the Falcons became only the 3rd team in the NFL (Packers and Bears) to reach 600 wins. Amani Toomer broke one Giants record (all-time Giants receptions leader) and tied another (all-time Giants TD leader).

2. I enjoyed another privileged weekend (major exception being an assignment for our semester long paper) wandering the floors of the National Gallery of Art listening to Eric Denker explain the paintings from the Italian Renaissance, which included the only DaVinci in North America…pretty cool and very informative.

1. Most importantly, a group of us Cornellians in Washington went to give moral support to some of our classmates who are participating in the Solar Decathlon, a competition held once every year requiring colleges to create a house that can be run completely by solar power. Cornell placed 3rd two years ago, and is gunning for first this year. According to those that built the house, the characteristic that sets their’s apart from the competition is the removable scaffolding they placed over the front porch. The scaffolding makes the house more versatile. For instance, if more solar pannels are needed, they can be placed on top of the scaffolding. The scaffolding elevates the already existing solar panels, so if some of them need cleaning, water won’t seep through the roof. Green screens (plants that hang from walls and absorb sunlightto regulate the temperature inside the house as well as filter air) can be attached to the scaffolding. And finally, these really cool pipes that efficiently heat water can be hung from the scaffolding to free up room around other parts of the house. In this case, the freed up space was used to plant genuine Ithaca hops (quite the hit with the DC crowd…and Cornell alums). The Cornell house didn’t look sleek and modern like some of the other colleges competing, but it did look functional and simple. Hail all hail Cornell!!

It’s been [I’ve lost count of how many] days since the declaration of mission accomplished. Good night and good luck.