Missing the Line

Matt’s blog enlightened me to the fact that I missed doing my time in the line for season hockey tickets. At least now I won’t have an opportunity to have them revoked for cursing like last year. I guess that’s one of the downsides of studying “abroad” during the fall semester, that and not seeing Stephen Colbert. Forget that the Dalai Lama is coming, I’m missing Stephen Colbert!

Though you can sense my extreme disappointment about this Colbert mishap seeing that I’ve mentioned this twice in previous blogs, don’t get the impression that studying away from Cornell isn’t fun or an enlightening experience; I’m in DC and I enjoy the experience that I am obtaining from my internship as well as the infinite activities around the city. Now imagine, for those that want to venture further from Ithaca, what places like Tibet, Australia, sub-Saharan Africa, Italy, Greece, (as an ode to my sophomore year roommate) Barbados, etc. will have in store. Traveling abroad is something to think about once in college, or even beforehand, and what makes Cornell great is that the programs they offer span the spectrum of studying abroad but not leaving the state (Capital semester- aka Albany and Urban semester- aka NY City) to leaving the state but not the country (Cornell in Washington) to traversing the globe (pretty much pick a place and you can go there…seriously, as long as there is some sort of educational opportunity: classes, research, peace corps style community service, etc.). Or if studying abroad isn’t for you, you can enjoy Cornell in Ithaca and the experience that comes with it: sacrificing a weekend to prove yourself worthy of hockey tickets, listening to the Dalai Lama, or laughing at Stephen Colbert.