Lester Holt was Wrong!

And I predicted it! And, to top it off, I was there in person to see just how wrong he was. Lester Holt, as mentioned in my previous blog, had said that the Washington Redskins would be 3-0 after this past weekend because they were playing the Giants. Turned out his statement was just an act of hubris.

The game, which I witnessed, along with a friend, from the upper tier, row 15, in the corner of the east endzone (the one the Redskins failed to score in on the last play of the 4th quarter) on the Giants’ side, was all but over at half time (17-3 Redskins). I not only felt like I should never have doubted Holt’s ability to predict the outcome of this game, but felt like I should never have worn a Giants hat and shirt to spare me from the endless taunting coming from the row behind me. But my prospects changed with the opening kickoff of the second half, which the Giants marched back for a touchdown. Another Giants touchdown followed in their next drive. And it looked so good after the Redskins fumbled in the 4th quarter, I stood up and cheered. The guy behind me said sit down, I didn’t, the same guy tossed beer on my shirt, I turned around, and, as I had done so often at the Cornell hockey games, simply said scoreboard (the score was 17-17 but the Giants were on their way to scoring the winning touchdown and he knew it, everyone did).

The goal line stand by the Giants defense with 14 seconds left in the game felt like I had just entered heaven and to add to my pleasure I turned around to the “beer” person behind me and said you should probably walk towards the exit. If I hadn’t taken the metro (and had slightly more spunk), I would’ve dangled my keys in his face. Nonetheless, the feeling of being one of a few exuberant fans at FedEx Field surrounded by 89,000 miserable ones made this past Sunday one to remember, and to be stored for the occasional Sunday in the future when I won’t want to brag about being a Giants fan.