Kickoff Weekend

I write this post out of sheer loyalty despite the fact that the season for the Giants looks ruined from the outset though there’s always hope. I shall however stray away from what happened this past weekend as there is no need to dwell on it and focus on what the Giants did the week before this past one, sign offensive lineman Kevin Boothe. Boothe was cut by the Raiders this year after being drafted by them in the ‘06 NFL Draft in the sixth round. The Giants promptly picked him up for the obvious reasons that he graduated from Cornell and know he is intelligent. Now Boothe will attempt (or try not to) to follow previous Cornell grad turned NFL’er Seth Payne (no relation) who was drafted by the Texans but now plays for the Jaguars and has enjoyed a 10 year career, seven of which have been as an unknown backup. And if Boothe reads this let me just tell him, as long as you play for the Giants you won’t be an unknown NFL player in my book.