My Office is so Cool!

So today was my first day at my internship and boy was it filled with information. There was not an hour that went by where someone was not telling me how to use the software on my brand new HP computer (that has Office 2007, which is completely different from Office 2003 so much so I didn’t know how to print a document…why did they ever get rid of the little print button shortcut?), how the organization writes memos, how to get to the bathroom, what my boss’ expectations are (this part included a free $17 lunch, crab cakes and sweet potato soup, ummmmm), etc. They also showed me where they keep all the plastic utensils, which was a mistake since I’ll take them all back to my apartment so I can skip on cleaning the silverware every time I eat a meal.

I got acclimated with my cubicle which is on the 10th story right by a window with a beautiful view of DC and an ongoing protest for better wages. The bathrooms were made with black marble floors, walls, and ceilings with wooden stall doors. I don’t think you can do much better in terms of office luxuries if you work for a non-profit. Oh and it’s only a 15 minute commute from the Cornell Center, where my second class (History of the US Senate) will meet for the first time three floors below from where I sleep. You gotta love Cornell in Washington!

Junior Year’s First Class

My first of two classes (that’s right two, which is why Cornell in Washington is so great and you get a part-time internship so it’s like you have a career) was held today from 10-12.  Politics and Policy is its name and I learned one thing today besides being scared for the research paper due at the end of the semester. Richard Feyman (a former Cornell prof who also worked in the Manhattan Project) was commissioner of the Rogers Commission, whose job it was to investigate the Challenger disaster. Feyman devised a unique experiment to test if the O-rings failed due to the cold weather and that’s how we have to do research… in a unique way. Too bad I’m not a genius like Feyman.

This blogging tips page told me to be precise and efficient. I think this post was both.

Hello Again!

Junior year has come around and already I am half way done with college. These four years definitely go by faster than the four in high school. I am participating in the Cornell in Washington program this semester so there will be much about DC in my blogs and less about Ithaca. I was going to write about stuff like where I ate last night (Chinatown), what I did today (go to Trader Joe’s for the first time in my life…pretty cool place; fyi: you could make a living off their free food samples), and what my apartment in the Cornell center is like (pretty cool, a little cramped) but I received an e-mail today from Ms. Cameron-Norfleet, Cornell’s tech guru (the name sounds like the Baron of some country’s wife) with links to a website that gave reccomendations on how to

One tip was not to write in first person unless your life depends on it (mine doesn’t) and not to talk about what you ate for dinner.

write a good blog. One was not to write in first person unless your life depends on it (mine doesn’t) and not to talk about what you ate for dinner. My mom also told me a good blog should have correct grammar and spelling. Well school hasn’t started yet so I can still slack off.

Besides going grocery shopping what I did see today was the Princeton Review 2008 Rankings Guide to the 366 Best College’s – a brand new edition, just released today. I used to say on my tours that Cornell had the 4th best food…can’t do it anymore because now they have the 9th best. I beg to differ. Just go to the dairy bar, get fat on their all natural “made at Cornell” ice cream created with Cornell cows’ milk, who by the way officially make the best milk in NY state and tell me our food is ranked 9th. You won’t be able to. Then go to Appel on Sunday mornings and eat their dim sum and on Wednesday’s go to Becker and eat their fillet mignon (they don’t have it every Wednesday) and you won’t be able to tell me we’re ranked lower than Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.

At least Princeton Review got two things right: our library system is at least 4th best in the country and we are 10th best at job placement after college (we are the only Ivy in the top 20 for that category).

The web-site also said not to be superfluous like the people that go on shows such as anything on Faux News Channel or that one guy on CNBC that I have no clue what he’s talking about. So I’ll do one thing right in this blog and stop right here. Oh! Have a good school year and good luck to those starting the college process.