The Last Day

I am done! Finished! Friday is being spent packing and preparing to go home, from selling back books to helping my roommate pack. This was definitely the hardest semester of Cornell so far. Sophomore slumps are real. Cornell definitely tries your resolve. Punches it, kicks it, knocks it down, and when you finally get an A on a test and think you’re back on your feet you get whacked in the face again and fall back down only to hope you can pick yourself back up and wipe the dust of your clothes when you finally see your grades in June. I’ve never been owned by a test before, never felt so utterly hopeless afterwards, never had my brain feel so confused not during but after the test, and never felt so excited to be finished – excited because it was the last final of the hardest semester in my academic career and all the other feelings because the Multivariate Statistics final that was my last one this year was so confusing and hard and weird I was speechless after I walked out and could only listen in relief to my other classmates’ confusion as well. I’ve never had a math final with NO numbers or problems whatsoever and only hypothetical questions with terms I had never heard in that class before.

But anyways, it is over, finished, completed, never to be taken again (knock on wood). Despite what I said above, I am excited for the summer ahead and going to Washington, DC in the fall. Thank you all for reading this blog and thank you to those who comment on my blogs. Hopefully, we will meet again here next fall and to those of you coming to Cornell in 2007, Congratulations! It’ll be a blast.

2 thoughts on “The Last Day”

  1. Well, Alex, I think that you just convinced everyone reading your blog NOT to go to Cornell. Too bad they already had to send in their deposits!

  2. Wow… I’m psyched to be going to Cornell in the Fall and I’m glad that statistics class is something I don’t need lol

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