Cornell and The Office

Once again on The Office, Cornell University was mentioned. Fictitious Andy Bernard, an employee in the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, went to Cornell and in this past episode he was a candidate for taking over the position of manager of the Scranton branch held currently by Michael Scott (Steve Carell). The quote that deserves so much attention:

Michael Scott: The pros about Andy…he went to Cornell.

Booh yah!!!!! He went to Cornell. Despite how bad finals week can be that certainly makes it better. Well, at least for a day.

One thought on “Cornell and The Office”

  1. Idiot–The Office is making fun of Cornell blowhards like Andy Bernard. Andy Bernard is the epitome of the type who went to Cornell–a glorified state school– because they thought it was Ivy League, and then can’t shut their mouths about it for the rest of their lives. Did you miss the sarcasm and derision implied by Andy’s bragging about glee club and “Cornell, ever heard of it?” Oh yeah, you must’ve missed it. You went to Cornell.

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