Where the Money Lies

I just wanted to give a tip of my hat to my friend Cesar who was successful in his quest for getting on the Student Assemblies Financial Committee (SAFC). It was a grueling interview process that lasted an hour. The hour was split up into two 30 minute periods where he was placed in front of 10 or so Student Assembly members who rapid-fired questions at him.

I mention this not just because he was successful in accomplishing an extremely difficult task, but also because the SAFC is the power behind the SA. They deal with the money – its distribution, handling, etc. Think of them as the Ways and Means Committee of the United States government. Once again, congrats to Cesar and if those of you reading this are interested in becoming involved in student government, it’s not a popularity contest like in high school (or at least not as drastic as it is in high school) and you can be in charge of some really important responsibilities. I am not a fan of the SA in any way for numerous reasons, some mentioned on my blog, but it is still an influential group to be a part of.