The Weekend Recap

Aside from watching the Nets and Rangers win, this weekend was quite an exciting and fun one. The tour guide softball team almost won their playoff game against the Cornell fitness club in which with runners on second and third and two outs I grounded out to third base. The speech team had our end of the year banquet. I was fortunate enough to go to a Chorale concert, which a couple of my friends are in. Chorale is the Cornell chamber choir, which I’ve always described as Christmas carolers on steroids not singing Christmas music. I attended Inherit the Wind at the Schwartz Center. It was a well produced play that included several Cornell students and several other prominent actors. The two lawyers were played by one person who was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and in a couple of movies (I threw out the program) and another who was in Law and Order, Six Feet Under, and all these other tv shows. So if you’re thinking of being part of Cornell performing arts, these are people you will be performing with in front of a sold-out 600 person auditorium.

For non NY Giants fans and those who just want to know what life at Cornell is like, you can stop reading here.

The other event that occurred this past weekend… the 2007 NFL Draft. Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN gave the Giants a C- on their pick selection (which at Harvard would be inflated to a B+…j/k, cough, cough). I was a little surprised though for such a low grade seeing that our needs at CB and WR were filled by talented, proven players. Then I saw no team got an A- or better and only two got a B+, so suddenly the C- didn’t feel like the Giants had just been put on academic probation. Now I’m a Michigan fan so I always hope the Giants draft players from Ann Arbor, but this year the one pick that jumps out is Zak DeOssie, a linebacker from Brown. I mention him because like Cornell alum, Kevin Boothe, who did it last year (drafted in 2006 by the Raiders in the 6th round) he was the only Ivy Leaguer taken in the NFL draft in an individual year. The report on him is that he is a great special teams player and long snapper, and has the potential to be a very good starting linebacker given some time. It will be interesting to watch his progression. Finally, like every season (even when Dave Brown was QB), I predict the Giants to go to the NFC championship game.

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  1. Excellent analysis alex. I too predict an nfc championship game for the giants. Not many people know that I was the reason for Collins’s perfect QB rating in the 2000 nfc championship game…(I was also the reason for David Well’s perfect game)

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