Back form GA

I arrived back in Ithaca on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately enough, I didn’t fall too far behind in class work since there was a lot of downtime during the tournament. Being in the south for a week was an experience I had never been a part of before. Every word had 3 more syllables than it should. People were so polite; I felt rude even when I said please and thank you. I saw one guy walk out of his house and up his driveway wearing a camouflage hunting suit to pick up the newspaper and look at his giant Confederate flag smack in the middle of his front yard. I went into a Wendy’s and spoke too fast. The cashier missed two parts of my four part order from the $.99 menu. When she read it back so as to make sure she hadn’t missed anything I couldn’t understand what she was saying and I just said yes. When the total popped up as a little over two dollars I knew something was wrong and pointed out the other items I wanted. She must’ve been thinking, “Damn Yankee.” I went to a Catholic mass and for the first time heard a sermon defending the Catholic doctrine and beliefs. I guess Catholics aren’t too welcomed in the south. Nonetheless, the week in Georgia was quite an interesting and enjoyable time. I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, but did learn what the judges are looking for so that next year I expect to break to the out rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, etc.).