I Saw the Conservative Guy who Sat Next to the Other Conservative Guy who Always Wore the Bowtie on CNN’s Crossfire (aka Robert Novak)

Jon Stewart calls Robert Novak the D****bag of Liberty, Enemy of American democracy, a 115-year-old vampire demon, and my favorite, I sincerely believe you’re a terrible person. So who is he (besides what the title says)?

Robert Novak is a conservative journalist who, as I mentioned above, was on CNN’s Crossfire when the show was on the air and started a conservative newspaper that reports about the news on the Hill. He also makes appearances on the Capital Gang on CNN as well as represents the right side on Meet the Press and is a political analyst on Fox News (I feel so much pain when I write those two words).

Novak came to Cornell and talked about the well-being of the Republican Party as well as the outlook of the 2008 election, and, in my opinion, to plug his book that will be released in the near future. He mentioned his opinions on why the Democratic nominees are weak, why the Republicans need leaders like Ronald Reagan, and what the Republican party needs to do to regain the majority. None of what he said was out of the ordinary. I could’ve turned on NBC and heard Tim Russert say the same things.

What is interesting is the comparison between Helen Thomas and Robert Novak, two journalists, one conservative, one liberal, both of whom paid a visit to Cornell. Albeit, Helen Thomas is the George Washington of White House Press reporters and I do not actually believe Novak is part of the White House Press Corps. Nonetheless, they are both political journalists. Here’s the difference between the two:

Helen Thomas sees the glass half full=> the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech is what makes America’s democracy different from that of a monarchy. The press has a responsibility to ask tough questions to the President. The Government inherently wants to improve the nation. Entitlements like Medicare, social security, and welfare are necessary.

Robert Novak as he himself said tonight sees the glass half empty=> He’s a starve the beaster, which means little government as possible and you do that by tax cuts to decrease government funds and therefore services like education, healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, and social security. His nickname is the Prince of Darkness for a reason. His two favorite presidents of the 20th century are Reagan and Coolidge (the same Coolidge who led the country into the Great Depression), his three least favorites, Johnson, Nixon, and Carter.

One thing they both agree on, the US should be a diplomatic force in world affairs not a militarily aggressive one.

To recap: Robert Novak came to Cornell. Was it a memorable experience? No. Will I forget what he said? Yes because I can hear it on any tv news station, with the exception of his two favorite presidents. The second one still baffles me.