Speech Competition- Nationals

On Wednesday I’ll be leaving to go down to Rome, Georgia to compete in the National Championships for the Cornell Speech Team. It should be quite an experience. It’s five days long so there will be quite a lot of downtime to work on class assignments and the like, which is good since I’ll be missing four days of classes.

Otherwise, tomorrow I plan to attend a guest speech by Robert Novak who is a Republican strategist and pundit. He was on CNN’s Crossfire back when the show was still on the air. This should be interesting since I’ve never really gotten to hear, in-person, someone talk as a representative of the Republican Party.

As for the Virginia Tech shootings, it is shocking and was certainly part of the campus dialogue today. I think it hits home a little closer to us, at least with me, being that we’re college students. These people were our peers, our age and when they were reporting that the first shootings occurred in a residential hall, I could only think of Becker House or Mews Hall, the places where I lived. And with the second set of shootings that took place in an engineering building, I could only think of Duffield Hall here at Cornell and my friends that are engineers.