British Parliamentary Debate

Tomorrow I leave for California for a British Parliamentary Debate tournament that will last the weekend, which means I’ll be back mid-day Monday. This should be interesting since I have never participated in any sort of debate tournament in my life and have only watched British Parliament meetings on c-span once or twice. My birthday’s this weekend as is the final four, which I’ll probably miss, so I don’t know how excited I am about this. It’s quite an experience, but it’s nerve-racking since I have absolutely no clue what to expect. I’ll also be missing a pre-lim while I’m away so the professor who’s coming along is going to administer it to me in the hotel room, which makes me feel like one of the Wisconsin basketball players shown on ESPN taking a test in the hotel’s conference room after a film session and before a practice during the March Madness tourney.

On the bright side, Georgetown did come back to win against UNC…maybe that’s a good omen for me.