Spring Break Ends

I write this as Georgetown is losing to UNC at half time, which is troubling since I have G-Town in the finals. Maybe this is an omen for the bad week ahead. You’d think professors would be nice the week after spring break, but no I have two problem sets due, one tomorrow and one on Wednesday (both of which I had to do over break), a quiz on Thursday, and a pre-lim on Friday. To make that even worse I’ll be leaving on Thursday for California where there is a Parliamentary Debate tournament. I honestly don’t know how I got myself into that, but nonetheless I’ll be taking the quiz on the plane ride to California and then the pre-lim when we get to the hotel.

I can’t complain about spring break though. I worked 55 hours and made some nice money. I read a book after I finished the problem sets, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I don’t think I’ve ever thought so much about a novel after finishing it as I did with this one. I hadn’t read any of McCarthy’s books before but now I know why he is considered the best living American author. The mistake I made last night was watching the Last King of Scotland after finishing the book. That combination made for one depressing night…once again, maybe an omen for the things to come. Then again doesn’t the Monday after break always suck?