Dragon Day Means Spring Break

Tomorrow, Friday, March 16th is Dragon Day (as well as my sister’s b-day) which means that it is also the last day of classes before spring break commences. Almost everyone leaves campus except for the few like me who stay. In my case, I’ll be working, which means if you’re coming for a tour this coming week you might just get one from me. Anyhow, Dragon Day is a nice experience and then couple that with March Madness and it’s even better (oh Duke I had you in the Sweet Sixteen). Staying away from college basketball though, Dragon Day is really a day for architects. All upper-class architects dress up in costumes and prance around campus all day. Last year, there was this guy who was Africa. He came up to a student and jumped up and down and yelled, “I’m Africa, I’m a continent!” Meanwhile, the first year architect students show off the dragon they have spent their days and nights of the past couple of months creating and parade it down East Avenue until they reach the Engineering Quad where it battles with the Engineer’s creation in that of a phoenix. The dragon always wins since that’s the tradition and then the first years continue to parade it down to the Arts Quad where it is set on fire to a roar of cheers and the scrutiny of the Ithaca Fire Department… spring break officially begins.