The Cold

This past Tuesday, including the wind chill, it was -17F, without the wind-chill 7degrees. I came to Cornell not worried about Ithaca winters because I liked cold weather and snow. But Tuesday was the first time ever that I walked outside and my eyes immediately began to tear. One time, and this was at 2:30pm so the sun hadn’t even started to set, I took a step outside, took a breath and my chest literally burned for a couple of seconds, like that burning you get in your throat when you’re running on a brisk November morning. The Ithaca school system cancelled school due to the wind chill. I thought that stuff only happened in Minnesota. Just fyi, I’m not complaining, only merely stating a first time life experience that I will remember when I think I’m cold in New Jersey when its 37F.

Hopefully, that didn’t scare everyone away since another important event that happened on Wednesday was the Provost’s address to the University (think State of the Union speech but only about Cornell). I didn’t have the opportunity to go since I was in a meeting nor the opportunity to watch it over the internet since I had two prelims this week, but nonetheless, it is a positive effort in establishing and strengthening the relationship between the University and the student body, a tie President Skorton wanted to focus on during his tenure as President of the University.