The Inspirational Cocktail

If you’ve ever watched Law and Order or CSI or most other crime dramas you might have heard of the term “suicide cocktail” which is just a series of medication, tools, etc. that are combined to cause a suicide. Well the inspirational cocktail is the exact opposite. Now I’m not the one to commonly say the words uplifting or inspirational because to me those words are used in “corny” and cliche ways. In fact this is my first time that I will categorize something as inspirational.

On the eve of the end of winter break and classes starting, which brings a busy stressful semester to the forefront I will know an inspirational cocktail that I discovered during my relaxing, easy-going, 5 week winter vacation. If you ever need an emotional pick me up or something even bigger here is the recipe, the cocktail.

The cocktail: 1- Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo (It’s short 160 pages or so). 2- Watch the Pursuit of Happyness (who doesn’t enjoy watching movies). 3- Read Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I’ve only done it in this order so I don’t know if any other order has the same feeling. Nonetheless, these 3 seemingly unrelated stories and definite creations of people who were unaware of the others’ significance blend so well together it was if they were a trilogy by the same author. Each one supports the others, applies the others to its story, and confirms the others’ argument using a different story. But most of all, it’s easy to apply it to our reality.