Support a Cornellian

I was sitting in the Ivy Room eating my second slice of pizza after having a hamburger. I had the Daily Sun on the table and was reading it. I came across an editorial in the paper about what happens after graduating from Cornell and how it feels (which honestly I have worried about since I was accepted to Cornell in December during my senior year of high school). The article was great, one of the best this year. It gave me a mixture of emotions…bittersweet sums it up. Little did I know, until I was contacted by the author, Julia Levy, that it was nominated by US News and World Report as one of the best college columnists. There are 8 finalists on the website (link is below) most of which have a link to their article on the US News website except for the 2 Harvard nominees, hmmm Harvard they’re good enough to pull a Leonardo DiCaprio by being nominated twice but aren’t good enough to have a link to their articles. What can I say they’re Harvard. Anyway, please go to the website and read the articles, then vote for Julia’s. I’m not just saying this because she went to Cornell, her article is extremely well composed and very personable. Currently she’s in second place behind the guy from USC and honestly, USC just won the Rose Bowl, they don’t need to win anything else.

Here’s the link: