The New Year

I returned from a two day, one night skiing trip to Killington, Vermont with two friends from my high school yesterday. While most of the snow was man made, it was still enjoyable and not that icy.

The completion of today, January 5th, will mark the second day of Democratic control in the House and Senate. Already, they have passed an ethics reform bill and written a formal letter to the President urging him not to commit more troops to Iraq since that goes against most of his military advisors’ recommendations. This prompted Bush to meet with two moderate senators, one Republican, one Democrat (Barack Obama). John McCain is officially a flip-flop, no longer a moderate maverick, picking to move to the far right in hopes of presidential aspirations forgetting about what made him popular among both parties. He is no different than President Bush, George, Allen, Sam Brownback, etc.

There is also still a Republican President. The last day of Republican majority in the House and Senate saw the passage of a bill that would give the President the ability to open any mail sent through the United States Postal Service at his discretion. After the new year the President of course promptly signed the bill in the name of protection against terrorists. Another of our freedoms gone…better watch what you mail.

Lastly, the Giants play Sunday. I have never felt less confident in a Giants team than how I feel about this one. If they win, it will be a miracle and Eagles fans should walk in subordination and humiliation forever. If they lose, well that’s expected.

Let’s see how 2007 plays out.

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  1. Hi Alex!

    I didn’t know you have a blog! Very enjoyable to browse through. See you soon.

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