Korea Represented

It’s not often Koreans, or Asians for that matter, get a lot of the spotlight in America or in world affairs. For instance, did you know Tiger Woods is more Asian than he is black? Or that I’m half Korean because you certainly can’t tell (not being sarcastic at all). Or that Michelle Wie is Korean. Or that the two characters on the TV show Heroes are Japanese (not Chinese). Or that Jin and his wife on the TV show Lost are Korean (not Chinese). These are all pop culture examples, but in politics it’s the same. How often do you see an Asian or Asian-American in top positions that carry influence? Not much. Therefore, yesterday, it was a nice feeling to read in the USA Today that the next UN Secretary General (Kofi Annan’s spot) will be a Korean. That’s right a Korean. Ban Ki Moon to be specific. And to impress your non Korean and Korean friends, when you say his name the K in Ki sounds like a short g and the i is pronounced like a long e.

2 thoughts on “Korea Represented”

  1. yup, you are right there. she is chinese.

    hey, did you know, that I’m korean? bet you never would have guessed.

    oh, by the way, hi 🙂 i’m a cornell prospective student. i had a question……are you pro life or pro choice?

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