The Word by Miss Kristi LaBeau

So, when I was talking to Alex about his blog, I mentioned that it
would be fun to write an entry.  Of course, in saying this I didn’t
think he would take me seriously! Then I find a lovely introduction
on his blog! (Thanks Alex!)  So now I have no choice!  I’ve been
thinking about what to write about for the past week while I drift
off into space because I can’t look at one more present value of an
annuity or another balanced chem equation.

Over the past week the libraries have been full to capacity because
of finals.  I finished my exams on Monday night. (Thank goodness
that’s over!)  And although I’m done and fully welcome the coming
winter break, I will be so ready to come back in January.

Our break here at Cornell is longer than most other colleges.  A
whole six weeks!  Winter break is the best break in my opinion.
It’s long enough to do anything you want, or absolutely nothing:
take a long trip, catch up with friends, or watch every episode of
Grey’s Anatomy that you’ve missed over the last semester.  But,
it’s also the best because there isn’t all the pressure to get an
internship or an official job, unlike summer break.  Why might you
ask? Because there are only 6 weeks!

After these six weeks are up, I know I will be ready to get back to
Cornell.  While it will be nice to get in bed at a normal time and
watch my episodes of Grey’s, I am sure going to miss Cornell!

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