A Change in Voice

The post after this current one you are reading will be written by a close friend (and tour guide), Kristi LaBeau. Her last name means “the beautiful” in French and she is. No children, I wasn’t hitting on her, just merely stating the obivous. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Geesh.

Why have someone else write one of your blogs you ask? Well because I feel like it. And like all great anchors and commentators, I give myself a vacation. In this case of one post. Kristi will be a breadth of fresh air. She in fact is very opposite to me. Besides the fact we’re both Catholic there’s actually not much similar to us. She’s shorter than me, has blonde hair, is the oldest sibling, is an AEM (Applied Economics and Management fancy for business) major in the Agg school (which also means she gets to learn how to hoe), and she likes Bill O’Reilly which means she’s a Republican…uggh.

The opinions she expresses do not necessarily express the views of this blogger. However, if she pulls an Ann Coulter, blame me.

Good luck Kristi, have fun, enjoy!

On a complete side note, can Fox News Channel get any more homophobic by saying that the movie Happy Feet promotes the gay lifestyle. First of all, if the penguin is gay who cares. Second of all, its a movie about a penguin that can dance! ARE YOU SERIOUS!