What to See

I work at my local movie theater and referee basketball games during winter break. As a result, I get to see free movies and I use that privilege often. My recommendation for this week: The Good Shepherd – is there any other movie that could remind you of The Godfather. The cinematography and screenwriting, not to mention the directing, are beautiful. On top of that, Francis Ford Coppola is an executive producer. Bring your thinking cap though there are tons of side stories and connections and actors that look similar.

Winter Break

Winter break lasts five weeks so it’s a long one. The reason why they make it so long is to let students escape the worst part of Ithaca winters by having them come back during the last week of January. It also gives you plenty of time to recuperate from the fall semester. For all of the freshmen it’s an adjustment period when you have to get used to living at home again. After freshman year, however, the transition becomes part of the routine. Congratulations to those of you who were accepted early to Cornell. You can join the ED club that I am a part of. To those of you who were deferred or are applying regular decision, good luck! The college process is almost done. If any of you have questions about all the stuff they send to you after you’ve been accepted early just ask me. I’ve been there and done that.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa…I would’ve mentioned Ramadan but that already past, just wanted to point out that I didn’t forget about it.

Korea Represented

It’s not often Koreans, or Asians for that matter, get a lot of the spotlight in America or in world affairs. For instance, did you know Tiger Woods is more Asian than he is black? Or that I’m half Korean because you certainly can’t tell (not being sarcastic at all). Or that Michelle Wie is Korean. Or that the two characters on the TV show Heroes are Japanese (not Chinese). Or that Jin and his wife on the TV show Lost are Korean (not Chinese). These are all pop culture examples, but in politics it’s the same. How often do you see an Asian or Asian-American in top positions that carry influence? Not much. Therefore, yesterday, it was a nice feeling to read in the USA Today that the next UN Secretary General (Kofi Annan’s spot) will be a Korean. That’s right a Korean. Ban Ki Moon to be specific. And to impress your non Korean and Korean friends, when you say his name the K in Ki sounds like a short g and the i is pronounced like a long e.

The Word by Miss Kristi LaBeau

So, when I was talking to Alex about his blog, I mentioned that it
would be fun to write an entry.  Of course, in saying this I didn’t
think he would take me seriously! Then I find a lovely introduction
on his blog! (Thanks Alex!)  So now I have no choice!  I’ve been
thinking about what to write about for the past week while I drift
off into space because I can’t look at one more present value of an
annuity or another balanced chem equation.

Over the past week the libraries have been full to capacity because
of finals.  I finished my exams on Monday night. (Thank goodness
that’s over!)  And although I’m done and fully welcome the coming
winter break, I will be so ready to come back in January.

Our break here at Cornell is longer than most other colleges.  A
whole six weeks!  Winter break is the best break in my opinion.
It’s long enough to do anything you want, or absolutely nothing:
take a long trip, catch up with friends, or watch every episode of
Grey’s Anatomy that you’ve missed over the last semester.  But,
it’s also the best because there isn’t all the pressure to get an
internship or an official job, unlike summer break.  Why might you
ask? Because there are only 6 weeks!

After these six weeks are up, I know I will be ready to get back to
Cornell.  While it will be nice to get in bed at a normal time and
watch my episodes of Grey’s, I am sure going to miss Cornell!

A Change in Voice

The post after this current one you are reading will be written by a close friend (and tour guide), Kristi LaBeau. Her last name means “the beautiful” in French and she is. No children, I wasn’t hitting on her, just merely stating the obivous. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Geesh.

Why have someone else write one of your blogs you ask? Well because I feel like it. And like all great anchors and commentators, I give myself a vacation. In this case of one post. Kristi will be a breadth of fresh air. She in fact is very opposite to me. Besides the fact we’re both Catholic there’s actually not much similar to us. She’s shorter than me, has blonde hair, is the oldest sibling, is an AEM (Applied Economics and Management fancy for business) major in the Agg school (which also means she gets to learn how to hoe), and she likes Bill O’Reilly which means she’s a Republican…uggh.

The opinions she expresses do not necessarily express the views of this blogger. However, if she pulls an Ann Coulter, blame me.

Good luck Kristi, have fun, enjoy!

On a complete side note, can Fox News Channel get any more homophobic by saying that the movie Happy Feet promotes the gay lifestyle. First of all, if the penguin is gay who cares. Second of all, its a movie about a penguin that can dance! ARE YOU SERIOUS!

The Counter

Every night on Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann, Olbermann finishes his episodes with a sign off similar to the one Edward R. Murrow made during the McCarthy scare and the Cold War. Olbermann says, “It’s been [number of days here] since the President’s declaration of Mission Accomplished. Good night and good luck.”

I was fortunate enough to go to the hockey game on Saturday since a friend of mine gave me his ticket. After witnessing two people in front of me (mind you I’m in row 6 so there aren’t that many people in front of me) get kicked out and therefore have their season tickets revoked for saying the a-word, the Detroit Lions of curse words, I decided I would make a little sign off slogan of my own. It would resemble something like “After 8 Cornell hockey games, two people from my section have been kicked out and season tickets taken away. Good night and good luck.” Then I realized that I was one of them (I got kicked out in the first game) so the number would be at least 3. Then I would also have to count those who were kicked out at the games that I couldn’t go to, which has been about 5 or six because they took away my season tickets and apparently according to three different friends six people were kicked out from our section alone in the game on Friday (so I’ve missed alot of people getting the boot). Then I would have to consider those that will get kicked out in the next 12 or so games since everyone knows neither the university nor the students are going to concede even though we both know which one is taking the tyrannical position.  Then finally I would have to take into account those that aren’t in my section who have received the ax and the confiscation of their season tickets. All in total that would be a lot of people that I would have to add up and I wouldn’t even be there to witness it. Therefore, to make it easier:

After the 10th Cornell hockey home game ALOT of Cornell students have been kicked out. I wouldn’t know how many since I was one of them. By the end of the season the entire student section will be missing and only the townies will be left. Oh wait some of the townies do the chants also. Well in that case half of the townies will be left by the end of the season.

Good night and good luck.