Embarrassed to call myself a Giants fan (hopefully just for this week)

I sat in my Giants foldable chair stunned in disbelief. I had rushed my parents in getting me back to Cornell before 4:15pm on Sunday after my Thanksgiving break so I could watch the Giants play the Titans only to wind up extremely depressed for the entire night after the Giants blew a 21 point lead, giving up 24 points in the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter. How did they lose? How could it happen? Eli Manning seems to get worse after the 8th game of every season. Plaxico Burress needs to take a page out of Reggie Wayne and Donald Driver’s book and actually make an effort at tackling someone after the ball is intercepted. This loss reminded me of the torture of uncertainty that came to define the Jim Fassel era. Coughlin, since 2004 when he took control of the Giants, to me has always been a coach whose teams never broke down or fell apart. They played well through the entire game. You expected Fassel teams to lose in the 4th quarter after holding a lead because that’s how it was for the seven years of his coaching tenure. Coughlin’s Giants always played their best in the fourth quarter…until this season. The Eagles game way back in the second week of the season is forgotten. During these last three games it’s like Jim Fassel is coach again. And that is torture.