A Little Bit About Food

I’ve realized I’ve neglected mentioning about Cornell food, maybe because I have it everyday and it’s easy to lose your appreciation for it, sort of like when you live at home and have home cooking then leave for college and love the food your parents make when you come back (not that you didn’t love it before, you just didn’t appreciate it as much). Anyway, last night a couple of friends and I ate at a dining hall on West Campus. That night’s theme was Hawaiian Luau. All the food cooked was prepared as best as the chefs possibly could to Hawaiian cuisine. And it was great. Now I’m a big seafood guy and they had fresh, raw salmon mixed with tomatoes in a salad, seafood chowder, shrimp (they actually still had their heads on them when they were served! Awesome!), lemon crusted chicken, pork, mahi mahi, duck with salad, and a whole pig like you see in the cartoons. They had these great desserts too including pineapple cake and real whole coconuts. There was also Hawaiian pizza even though that’s not Hawaiian at all. But all in all the food was great and is always great. Once a semester they also bring in chefs who have popular restaurants across the country. It’s awesome! The program is called Cross-country Gourmet. Last thing, just to throw out a fact: based on the 2006 Princeton Review Cornell food is ranked 4th in the nation, something to gnaw on while you wait for that turkey this Thursday or tofurkey if you’re vegetarian.