Football’s Back in NJ

Being from New Jersey I’m having a hard time not talking about Rutgers football, especially on this blog. Now I know I go to Cornell  (and I must say, the wins that Cornell has have been very impressive, but they’re not ranked in DI-AA football) but no one can escape their hometown pride, especially when The State University of New Jersey is only 40 minutes away from my house and my sister went to grad school there. Rutgers has been a joke to everyone who loves college football, and no one in NJ ever wanted to be spotted wearing a scarlet hat that had an R on it. Many people I know here didn’t even know where Rutgers was before I shoved their face in front of a computer and showed them on google maps where the 3 Rutgers’ campuses are. (One is in Camden, most dangerous city in the nation according to one of those scholarly reports.) Disrespect to NJ is not allowed, anywhere. Especially in front of me.