Big Blue

In this context at this point of the week big blue has two meanings. 1. The anticipation of what could be the biggest football game yet when the Giants host the Bears in the swamps of the Meadowlands. Hopefully a win will come out of it. I’ve been wearing my Giants hat everyday this week. So far this season they’re 6-1 when I’ve worn the hat at least once during the week.

The second meaning is a direct result of election day. I clapped when they called Missouri and Montana and then danced the next day when they called Virginia and said they didn’t even need a recount. Tester in for Burns…$500, Webb in for Allen…$1100, Casey in for Santorum, $2200, seeing Rumsfeld resigning and Cheney wiping that annoying smirk off his face…priceless. Gone is the agony from 2004…at least for now.