Course Enroll

Today at 6:30am was the commencement of course enroll for sophomores. Course Enroll is the program used for students to enroll in classes for the spring semester. It is an online program and can be iffy at times. It worked well for me today. I got into all the courses I wanted except for one, which is no big deal. I just found another at the same time. It doesn’t always work so well. For a friend of mine, Course Enroll kept kicking her off so she just used her Cornell brain and went back to sleep waking up at 9 to try again and success! Almost. She didn’t get all of the classes she needed, but realizing that it’s not the end of the world she didn’t choke (metaphorically) and will just go to her college’s registrar’s office to add the courses she needs. No sweat. I guess what I’m getting at is course enroll is no big deal (minus the waking up at 6:30), just something to talk about when you see your friends that morning.